FAQ on customized  - skinny.B Panels

What may be development efforts concering size?

If you have plans to have panels produced bigger than our standard size, we have to prepare extra molds and amounts of material. These costs are not within our standardized processes and thus will cost extra for the first time. If you plan to order a large number of panels, we will reduce the extra effort costs to a minimum.

What may be development efforts concerning texture?

the surface texture is put on the concrete using an imprinted foil, suitable for concrete casting. If you have special wishes for the texture, we might have to do research on the availability of foils we have not in our standard repertoire. Some foils need testing before they are being used for the production.

what may be development efforts concerning color?

Color adjustments mostly are achieved using pigments with the mixture.

Because the behavior of a mix changes changes due to the addition of new ingredients, a color adjustment always needs some development time and feedback loops.