skinny.b - ultra thin concrete panels

we love concrete

Manufactory: Provided with a fully equipped concrete manufactory and working with the material research institute "G.tecz Engineering", cshdeluxe produces skinny b. panels and offers consultancy regarding designs with concrete.

Innovation: Being focussed on the development of cement bonded high-tech materials for industrial use, G.tecz always tests new applications for high performative formula.

Using the QUANTZ ® technology, G.tecz creates surprising applications for concrete.

Our material: The love of experimenting led us to the development of ultra thin concrete panels:  "skinny B."


- Barrelled concrete panels with thicknesses from 3 mm to 7 mm

- fibre reinforced formula, providing a smooth and highly detailed surface (Quantz ®)

- color and porosity can be adjusted

- working with G.tecz Engineering, the panels have been produced and tested with different material properties (i.e.:  flexural strength increases, color- and surface adjustments, temperature resistancies… )


We succeeded developing a beautifully smooth, light and thin panel, that does not only look like concrete