BYO workshop (bring your own)

learn everything about new concrete technologies like quantz®  - the next generation of ultra high performance concrete - and produce your own samples or demos.


It could be that you want our opinion about your product portfolio, maybe one of your internal projects got stuck - we can help you with a creative solution. Maybe you have undefined plans for developing a new product and you would like to learn to know our technology.


This way we can take a short while to exchange knowledge and ideas.





introduction in concrete technology, sketching, brainstorming about your situation

informal conversation with our engineers

laboratory workshop to test your ideas

drinks and snacks

workshop fee

Per person 100€.

The fees are to cover the expenses for materials and transportation of your prototyps.



Are you interested? So please contact us immediately and make an reservation.

We would like to know what day would fit your schedule, what type of company you have and your website address - so we can prepare a bit.


Call us for further information: +49 561 57983990


We do have 4 Workshops per year. Please see our schedule.


Groups of 5 can arrange individual workshops.

Please contact us for further information.


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