3D Print Concrete

Print Concrete - In collaboration with Voxeljet and the University of Kassel, G.tecz developed the worldwide first printable pure water and cement based 3D Printer Concrete. The technology is unique and is optimized for the printers of voxeljet. 

The cement bonded material allows you to print concrete opjects in a never before seen quality and with endless geometry and application options.


The printer volume is about 60x40x40 centimeters. Huge objects can be printed easily - or hundrets of small objects at the same time. This technology will not only speed up prototyping in concrete but will also reduce costs for zero-series or mass production.


Print parametric objects in concrete - each shape different. No more extra costs for mold making! No more extra time for mold making. Just print each single individual object.




  • first real 3D printer concrete
  • high Material strength
  • cost effective
  • fast production
  • no molds required
  • infilitration of material possible
  • uv-resistant
  • fire-resistant




  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Machinery industry
  • Hot metal casting
  • ....

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