Tobias Rehberger

For one of Tobias Rehbergers projects "Globalisierung ist kein Schicksal" (2006), CSHdeluxe produced 2011 a new series of the stones for outdoor usage. To perform the hard winter and summer conditions, CSHdeluxe produced the elements with the material Quanz in the colors blue and yellow. More than 400 elements were produced in a very short perid. To realize the project, special cost-effective molds were developed.

Technical details:

  • 40cm x 40cm x 15cm
  • Material: Quantz 
  • Mold design & engineering: CSHdeluxe
  • CNC milling: hebö
  • Molds: Hübner, Kassel


Artist: Tobias Rehberger

Year: 2011/2012



Tobias Rehberger