Show Room G.tecz

skinny.B concrete wallpaper

skinny.B is a new concrete technology for elements with 3mm thickness. With this material it's possible to create concrete wallpapers, claddings and much more. Due to it's huge flexibility at early stages, you can treat is like a textile and work on geometry, optics and further parameters. 


skinny.B is perfect for interior design, furniture cladding or other applications that require a real concrete but a low weight.


The pictures are showing the G.tecz Show Room with a skinny.B cladding 'rough' look. The panels do have wrinkles and the edges are rip by hand.  

Technical Information:


Material: skinny.B

Thickness: 3mm

color: gray shading

edge: rip

surface: glossy


Technical possibilities:

- Watter cutting, CNC milling

- grinding

- colors can be adjusted

- 3D shapes possible

- pattern-cutting possible


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