HexCON Tile

HexCON is a 3mm thick Ultra High Performance Concrete tile. The material and a unique production method had been developed to produce those special and outstanding elements. The surface does have the 'real' concrete look and feel - it's not an epoxy fake material. The tiles can be used for wall gladdings in the traditional way. No special equipment or Know How is needed.
The geometry of the tile in combination with the unique tiles will generate an amazing wall gladding. A 'seamless' tile to tile fixing is possible by having sharp water cut edges.


Length: 20cm up to 1m

Width: 20 cm up to 1m

Thickness: 3mm


Edges: Sharp 90°


Front: Planar

Backside: Raw


Quantz - Ultra High Performance Concrete


Compr. Strength: 125 MPa

Flex. Strength: 3mm Tile - 3MPa


Surface: Concrete Cloudy; airvoids possible


Sealing: Nano Protection (optional)


Very simple - like any other tile.
The underground must be even and tiles glued completely on the backside surface. Cavities will lead to breakage under overload conditions.

Care Kit

Care Kits are available. The tiles can be cleaned with warm water. After surface dryed out, the surface can be can be sprayed 2-3 times with the sealer and closed with a final polishing procedure.