CSHdeluxe offers samples in different variantions regarding your request and interest. Before ordering samples, please let us know what kind of samples do you expect and what kind of concrete do you want to use for your project, colors, surfaces, .......


Due to the high amount of sample inquiries, please apologize for charching prime costs for administration and individual sample manufacturing.

CSHdeluxe sample box

CSHdeluxe sample box includes samples of different cement bonded materials regarding your inquiry resp. request.



  • 7 items
  • 2 slides of extra thin Skinny B material                                
    (148 mm x 210 mm DIN A 5)

  • 5 slides different surface-, thickness- and color-properties  
    (105 mm x 148 DIN A 6)

Note: With the order, you always can send us information on the samples you like to receive - or just give us a call: +49 (0)561 8907484

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