CONCRETE is one of the eldest, engineered materials in the world. Since more than 2000 years, the material is well known. And for us, concrete is more than just a gray, sticky mass. Cement bonded materials can do much more than you expect and we will take you on the journey - showing you the new possibilities ...



QUANTZ - the next generation of UHPC

Quantz is the next generation of cement bonded high-tech materials - Strong like steel with the characteristics of ceramics, but cost-effective and ecological - thats the new cement bonded high-tech material Quantz. It's based on newest research results and special, by G.tecz developed new generative, evolutionary algorithms.


Initially it belongs to the class of ultra high performance concrete (UHPC). Due to novel optimization algorithms and novel material configurations based on local raw-materials it was possible to develop this new technology.

It's detached from traditional technologies and pathbreaking - developed for the building industry, machine industry, security industry, architecture and design.


Quantz - General Information
General Information of the cement bonded high-tech material that belongs to the class of ultra high performance concrete.
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Quantz - Reference
Quantz- Reference for industrial usage
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Standard Concrete

Concretes of each class can be realized. Starting from a C20 up to a C120 that belongs actually to the state of the art in the building industry. We can offer you a special developed material, regarding the requirements of your product idea.

Tailor Made Concrete Solution

We do have a wide range of concrete technologies and solutions. Materials can be adapted or developed regarding your requirements:


  • ultra high performance concrete
  • water and gas resistant concrete
  • foam concrete
  • light weight concrete
  • insulation concrete
  • heat charging concrete
  • acoustic (noise reduction) concrete
  • drain concrete (permeable concrete)
  • ...