>> We love concrete and we love to create and produce concrete products - a material with a long history and tradition. CSHdeluxe combines the latest production technologies with long lasting experience and brand new concrete developments - like the cement bonded and ceramic like material Quantz.


We love to realize your ideas with concrete and we can support you from the first ideas on, development of prototypes and finally till the production of series in our manufactury.<<


Our Brand Name


2SiO2 + 3Ca(OH)2 → 3CaO + 2SiO2 + 3H2O


S + CH → CSH

Calcium Silicate Hydrate is the main product of the hydration of Portland cement. It's responsible for the strength in concrete and since the innovations of high-tech concretes like UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) more and more important in the development of new high-tech concretes.